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Proclaiming the Good News as members of the Roman Catholic Church, we witness to our belief through teaching, service, worship and stewardship. Proud of our African American heritage we strive to infuse the lessons of our forebearers into our Catholic witness.


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Appeal to Vatican on End of Worship at Our Location

June 25, 2013
15031 Dexter
Detroit, Mi 48238
On June 24, 2013, the parishioners of St. Gregory the Great parish in Detroit, Mi took recourse to Rome against the DECREE issued by Archbishop Vigneron dated June 19, 2013. We presented our objection to the merging of our parish and the subsequent ending of weekend worship in our church.  We pray that the archbishop reconsiders and allow our church building to remain open for worship.  We cited the lack of input we had to the process.  We pointed out that the cost of keeping our buildings mothballed was about the same as keeping them open. These issues are only a few of our grave concerns about the Archbishop’s DECREE. For questions, please contact our spokesperson, Jane Brennan Watters of Canton, Mi

Mrs Lytelia Wright Arrangements (tentative)

Sorry this wasn't ready this past Sunday...
Lytelia Wright Funeral Arrangements.
Viewing Tuesday, June 25, 2013 5-9pm James Cole Funeral Home on the Blvd
Family Hour 10am Wednesday, St. Gregory Church
Funeral 11am Wednesday, St Gregory Church

Final Mass - June 30, 2013

 Our final Mass as St Gregory will be June 30, 2013.  We received written confirmation of this in today's Sunday bulletin.
Beginning July 7, 2013 we will be St. Moses the Black with Masses at 9am and 11am.  We are still working to confirm whether both are at the former Church of the Madonna but for now that seems to be the plan.

Alumni Reunion yesterday / Alumni Mass coming up

2013 reunion

The St. Gregory Alumni celebrated their annual reunion last night at St. Aidan's in Livonia.  A good time was had by all and some S&H Green stamps were won as door prizes.  If you have to ask, you're too young.

 Mark your calendars for our annual St. Gregory School alumni mass June 9th 2013 at St. Greogory at 11am.  The school will be open for tours.  This will be the last mass celebrated under our present name as our merger proposal is moving forward with St. Ben's and Church of the Madonna.  

Rainbow 2013


 Our youth attended Rainbow 2013 and were selected to process with the archbishop with our banner this past weekend.

Fall Raffle 2012 Results

 Our fall festival raffle results are as follows:
$50 Prizes:
B. Faw, Glendale, Az #33646
Margaret Jimmerson, Naples, Fl #26887
Sonia Blake, Detroit, Mi #42798
Roger Louiselle, Lexington, Ky #38088
F. J. Saam, Canton, Mi #35295
Pat Kopicko, Livonia, Mi #30572
$100 Prize:
Pat Turk, Troy, Mi #37372
$250 Prize:
Geraldine Chuney, Detroit, Mi, #41718
$500 Prize:
B. Watts, $40691
$1000 Prize:
James Ralph, Detroit, Mi, #37682

Genesis Vicariate Updates

Congratulations to our pastor, Msgr Mike LeFevre who was reelected as vicar until 2014.
Upcoming events:
Safety in the City: Gun buy back at St. Cecelia on Aug 30th 9am to 3pm.
Christian Service Assembly @ SHMB on Sep 19th
Vatican II @ SHMS on Sep 21st & 22nd
In Life and Love conference @ St John's on Oct 18-20th
Vicariate meetings are the fourth Mondays (except as noted in bold): Sep 24, Oct 22, Nov 26, Dec 17, Jan 28, Feb 25, Mar 18, Apr 22, May 20, Jun 24. All meetings are at the Cathedral social hall (entrance in rear by main parking lot) with fellowship at 6pm and the meeting at 630pm.

Fall Festival Sept 23 2012

 Our fall festival is Sept 23, 2012. Raffle tickets are available each Sunday after Mass.  Please support our festival. If you haven't done your CSA pledge yet, please do it right away!
Look for more updates to our web site soon!

Together In Faith 2 Results

 This weekend at Mass, Fr. Tim will share with us the results of the TIF 2 process.  Please step up and make a commitment to support our parish.  We will need everyone's support to move forward, whether we accept the TIF 2 outcome or decide to appeal it.  

We will meet after mass today but we be able to meet very long  because some plan to attend the 40 Days for Life Kickoff Mass at the Cathedral at 3pm. Our boy scouts of Troop 194 will be acting as ushers at the Mass.

Raffle Results

Congratulations to our 2010 Fall Festival raffle winners:
$1000 winner: B Turnbull, ticket # 28701
$500 winner: A March, ticket # 13848
$250 winner: C Poleo, ticket # 28481
$100 winner: C Krushinski, ticket # 22625
$50 winners:
L Mays, ticket # 13648,       J Kress, ticket # 22592
A Dwyer, ticket # 26861,     L Wheeler, ticket # 1237
M Stengel, ticket # 26524,  M Griffin, ticket # 8994

Liturgy Schedule

Mass times: Sunday 9am and 11am
St Moses the Black (former Church of the Madonna)

Religious Education: Sunday 9:45am (tbd)
Rosary: Sunday 10am (tbd)
Reconciliation: By appointment
Daily Mass times:

  • Tuesday 7:30am St Moses the Black
  • Wednesday 9am St Moses the Black
  • Thursday 6pm  St. Moses the Black

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